Ego 538

Rolfo and Belle Trailers entered into a joint venture to develop and built an advanced 11car transporter. The valuable cooperation from all leading transporter operators has made possible to achieve a unique vehicle easy and fast loading/unloading.

Thanks to the innovative configuration the Ego marks the largest automotive payload available in uk carriers. Presently the only 11car carrier approved to transport into Uk heights and weight limits loadings like: 11 Insigna/Passat/Mondeo, 10 Avensis estates, 9 Evoques/Suv, 3 large Sprinter vans, 7 Transit vans and significant mixed loadings.

The transporter includes many advanced solutions as standard supply: full "hot dip" galvanization, disc brake axles, superstructure and deckings in high yeld steel, full LED lights, a bridge strike prevention device, ROLFO "One hand" wheel chocks© and Uk Tie down integrated ratchets.